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Maintenance of c-arm with qualified professionals, ultrasound, X-ray, tomography, digitizer, mammography, pulmonary ventilators and multiparameter monitors are also specialists.

Technical team qualified by large multinationals in the Medical Hospital sector formed by engineers and technicians and specialized consultants. Such professionals form a multidisciplinary team.

C-Arm Preventive Maintenance

In our laboratory, it undergoes a rigorous test where we evaluate its electromechanical performance, the software functionalities and the image quality. If the C-Arm has a problem, it will be diagnosed at this point, these problems will be repaired immediately or will be noted in the report if the problem is more serious. The pedal cable is checked and adjusted and replaced if necessary. The video camera system and the image intensifier are focused and adjusted to the highest possible resolution levels. The image intensifier is checked for artifacts.

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Ultrasound Preventive Maintenance

To keep your Ultrasound system equipment at peak performance and increase your machine uptime, regular Preventive Maintenance is crucial. All ultrasound systems require regular preventive maintenance performed by trained technicians. Below you will find some preventive maintenance tips for your Ultrasound System: Cleaning the system's air filters and internal electronics, checking for possible problems, confirming the accuracy of the images, checking the error logs, inspecting the system controls, cable power and cable for cracks, procedures that can keep your systems running more efficiently and lasting longer.

Preventive Maintenance Contracts

In order to have their performance guaranteed, Medical and Laboratory Equipment must undergo evaluation routines and preventive maintenance services carried out by specialists, which increases the operational life of the equipment and minimizes unforeseen downtime, you can make an investment fixed monthly and we take care of your equipment.

Maintenance of C-arm

Maintenance Ultrasound

X-ray Maintenance

CT Scanner Maintenance

Scanner Maintenance

Maintenance Mammography

Maintenance Pulmonary Ventilators

Maintenance Multiparameter Monitors

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