Clinical Engineering

One of OPUS MEDICAL's specialties is to manage the entire park and equipment processes in accordance with the rules established by Anvisa. The Clinical Engineering service offered by the company aims at hospital accreditation recommended by the National Accreditation Organization (ONA) and ISO 9001.

The experience acquired by OPUS MEDICAL in the area of Clinical Engineering is a great facilitator for hospitals that want to be accredited, whether at levels 1, 2 and 3. The company has qualified technicians and a team with engineers and quality managers trained to perform all stages accreditation regarding the maintenance of medical and hospital equipment.

The Activities Developed By Clinical Engineering

Quality control

The objective of a quality control program is to ensure that the radiologist obtains the highest image quality, thus facilitating the diagnosis of pathologies in the patient. The potential benefits of a quality assurance program have been evaluated in several studies in the literature that state that in addition to improving image quality, quality control helps to reduce service costs by eliminating waste and increasing costs. life expectancy of equipment.

Brazilian law requires that quality control tests be carried out on radiodiagnostic equipment periodically. She also says that the technician responsible for the radiodiagnostic service must take all necessary measures to avoid failures and errors, including the implementation of adequate procedures for calibration, quality control and operation of X-ray equipment.

According to ANVISA Ordinance 453/1998, all diagnostic X-ray equipment must be maintained in proper operating conditions and regularly subjected to performance checks. Particular attention should be paid to old equipment. Any deterioration in the quality of the radiographs must be investigated immediately and the problem corrected.

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