Corrective Maintenance

C-Arm, x-ray and ultrasound, even if supported by preventive maintenance contracts, as they have a multitude of electromechanical components, they are subject to defects at any time and the cost of labor to perform the maintenance is usually high . But you can dilute this cost monthly throughout the year if you hire corrective services in conjunction with preventive services. You start to have a fixed monthly cost for all the necessary services in your installed park, having sporadic expenses only with the parts that are necessary for maintenance.

Corrective maintenance is carried out after the occurrence of a failure and aims to put the equipment back in conditions to perform its functions perfectly, our technological structure allows us to work with the most diverse types of medical equipment.

Maintenance that consists of replacing parts or components that have worn or failed and that brought the equipment to a halt, due to failure or failure in one or more components.

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