The transducer is fundamental in the performance of the ultrasound, the quality of the images depends directly on its capture, however, as it is a manageable part, it is more subject to accidents and damage.

Ultrasound transducers are devices that transform a type of energy into ultrasound waves. These waves propagated in a given medium help to provide information without the need for sample preparation, common with the use of electromagnetic waves.

In this way, properties such as microstructures, microscopies, mechanical properties and images can be obtained with the use of ultrasound. This is very cost effective and portable.


Transducer Repair

The importance of repairing transducers is due to the amount of functionality it can do. Abdominal, obstetric, gynecological and even veterinary exams. Among the types of transducer, there are the Convex Transducer, Doppler Transducer without images, Sectoral Heart Transducer, 4D Transducer, Endocavitary Transducer and the Linear Transducer.

Because of this, carrying out the repair of transducers is a vital issue in the operation of ultrasound machines, being one of those directly responsible for generating the image of the patient's diagnosis.

Among the possible measures for the repair of transducers are:

Connector Exchange

Cable Repair

Crystal Exchange

Case Repair

Lens Repair

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